Real Time w/ Goddess

I have been dominating and draining submissive's online for 5 years and now I'm extending my reign to real-time. I know so many of you little subbies would love to bow down before me but being the luxury that I am not everyone deserves or is worthy of my presence. Only the best of you submissive will be given the chance to serve me by way of discrete screening, which is a must as my safety is of the utmost importance. Being able to meet and serve me is beyond a privilege. Do not for one second forget your place as my slave, sub, loser, or pay pig. Absolutely no topping from the bottom. Respect, proper tone and gratitude is expected at all times.

My precious time is not to be taken advantage of. A deposit is required for all sessions to assure that you do not waste my time and is expected at the time of booking, a session will not be booked without a deposit. If you decide to cancel you will not receive a refund. The remaining fee for our session should be placed in an unsealed envelope or giftbag and put in visible site at the start of our session.

Fetish I engage in:

The fetishes below are those that I enjoy. I do not offer or participate in fetishes that; I don't enjoy, would deem me submissive or are considered prostitution/illegal. To be clear I do not offer sessions or entertain fetish that deal with sex slaves, sex/oral servitude, ass/asshole licking, strap-on sucking/fucking (strap-on is however available virtually via livecam), golden-brown showers, age/incest roleplay, or real animal play.


Incall (Fee: $200 per hour | Deposit: $50) | Outcall (Fee: $250 per hour | Deposit: $50)
I am available for public (i.e. public findom) and private sessions in safe upscale parts of Fairfield and New Haven County of Connecticut. Incalls are available Mon-Sun 7am-8pm and outcalls Mon-Sun 7am-3pm. If you are out of the state or country you will have to travel to Goddess. Gifting Goddess at sessions isn't required but true subs never come empty handed. I am very picky and only enjoy and want gifts that I desire not what you desire for me. I am not above giving your gift back if I don't like it. So if you wish to gift Goddess its best to pick from here.

Public/Financial domination session

Domestic shopping (Fee: $100 | Deposit: $100 | Spending minimum: $200) - You will get the cart and follow me down the isles as I throw in or instruct you to get whatever I want. You will spend a minimum of $200 on your domestic task. I will leave you with nothing but the fulfillment of being useful and the joy of knowing that you're contributing to Goddess daily.

Shopping spree (Fee: $200 | Deposit: $200 | Spending minimum: $400) - You will meet Goddess at wherever I choose to shop, I'll led you to my favorite sections and you will await to hold any and every item that I wish to purchase. I will spend a minimum of 400 of your dollars on whatever I want and you will take my bags like a good little bitch. You will be left with nothing but the joy of being my little shopping bitch.

Paid date/Loser date (Fee: $200 | Deposit: $200) - You will never; have a chance with me, date me, be my boyfriend, or sex me but that doesn't mean that you can't take me out. We will meet at a nice restaurant for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. If you're local to the area I may let you choose the place. I will order whatever I want and you of course will get the check. You will be left with; the joy of being in my presence, the humiliation of knowing that you will never get a chance with me and the honest truth that you will never be anything but my wallet/loser.

Tribute dropoff/Cash point meet (Fee $100 | Deposit: $100 | Spending minimum: $200) - Meet up with Goddess in public for 5-15minutes just so you can place a minimum of 200 of your $$ in my soft small greedy hands. You will be left in the dust feeling like a pathetic little wallet bitch.

ATM drain (Fee: $100 | Deposit: $100 | Spending minimum: your daily limit) - We will meet in public and head over to an ATM just so that you can withdraw your daily limit and put it into my deserving hands. I will allow you only 5-15minutes of being in my presence before I leave you with the rush of being completely financially drained and humiliated. You will leave feeling like a complete ATM slut.

My sessions are safe, consensual yet extremely exhilarating. If you have read top to bottom like a good boy submit your slave application here to be able to serve me in person. Be sure you are: clean/fresh, well dressed (professional/causal attire) and prompt for our session. Be ready with fee, photo ID and your obedience. Follow my rules like a good submissive and you will have the time of your life.

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