Desire to worship me or maybe you need some humiliation? Come bow down to me in a livecam domination session.

Craving to submit? Give Goddess a ring so I can make you a submissive mess with my angelic yet demanding voice.

Needing Goddess throughout the day but can't call or cam? Send Goddess a text and begin to feed your Alee addiction.

Wondering if you measure up? Craving to worship me? Send real-time pics for judgement or recieve real-time vids to worship.
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Wondering what Goddess's scent is like? You can enhale it from items I personally wear. Click below to find out more.

Fund My Lifestyle

Untitled Document As a provider you should crave to do whatever you can for Goddess. You should strive to make my life easier and better. In fact you will make my life easier if want my attention. The best way to do that is to pay for my necessities. I of course fund my own lifestyle but I shouldn't have to, isn't that right piggy? I shouldn't have to worry about a thing when your purpose and mission is to Surrender, Spoil and Worship Goddess. You will be a good little piggy provider by making yourself useful, won't you piggy? You're going to click on and pay a bill or fund like a good boy so that Goddess doesn't have to, aren't you?

Piggy Bills

Rent: $1,000
pay once
Weekly Food: $200
pay once
Monthly Food: $800
pay once
Utilities: $380
pay once
Internet: $90
pay once
Car Note $440
pay once
Car Insurance: $200
pay once
Student Loans: $320
pay once
Cell: $100
pay once
Beauty: $200
pay once

Domination Studio Fund:

Dungeon Of Tease will be where I hold real time sessions. Only the best of you will have the chance to serve me at my dungeon. Ass worship, Ballbusting, Ebony Superority, Heel worship, Leg domination, Foot Fetish and Findom (paid date/loser date, shopping spree, cash point meet, atm drain) are just a few of the many Fetishes that I will be doing. So be a good boy and contribute to my studio. The sooner you boys get to my goal the sooner you'll be able to bow down to me in person to serve me or to drop-off your cash in my hand.

Goal: $6,000


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