Desire to worship me or maybe you need some humiliation? Come bow down to me in a livecam domination session.

Craving to submit? Give Goddess a ring so I can make you a submissive mess with my angelic yet demanding voice.

Needing Goddess throughout the day but can't call or cam? Send Goddess a text and begin to feed your Alee addiction.

Wondering if you measure up? Craving to worship me? Send real-time pics for judgement or recieve real-time vids to worship.
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I am Alee.... Goddess Alee or Ms.Alee to you. I am a lifestyle and professional tease, specifically The Financial Femdom-Fetish Tease. Throughout history you men have had a weakness, that weakness of course is women. You men haven't changed over the centuries, have you? You are still weak when it comes to our feminine womanly form, aren't you?

The cocky Leo in me knows that I make you weak. I know that my features and essence drives you men crazy. In fact I highly enjoy using my womanly features and essence against you to get what I want. I relish in the fact that I can easily twist your mind and body to my desire with my goddess given gifts.

Your weakness is not the only thing that is old fashioned, what I think about you men is as well. I believe that men's #1 purpose is to provide, that's honestly the only reason why I'm addressing you. Do you crave to be a good provider? Good because I love your wallet. Do you crave my attention and perfection? Of course you do, it's not like its common for you to experience a woman like, beautiful, curvaceous and a complete tease.

Your weakness for a woman like me and my desire to rule your wallet makes us almost a perfect match. But to be a perfect match you have to actually provide to and for Goddess. If you can't provide then you aren't desired in my presence. Yes I am that greedy and that mean. Your money is all that I desire and its the only reason why I'll allow you in my alluring, stunning, curvaceous presence. If you can't make my life easier and better then you are utterly useless.

So if you desire my time, you will provide. If you desire my attention, you will provide. If you desire my teasing essence, guess what..... you will provide. Any and every time you wish to be granted Goddess you will bow down and provide your hard earned cash to Goddess. Surrender, Spoil and Worship is what you should and will abide to. 

Since your cash is all that I desire its only fair that I give you a variety of ways to spend it. You can provide your cash to Goddess for; worn items, findom sessions, cam sessions, phone sessions, text sessions and more. Wish to be completely selfless... you can mail me cash, tribute cash online and or pay my bills. Purchasing everything that revolves around Goddess is simple and discrete. Popular sites like Niteflirt, Clips4sale, Iwantclips and Indiebill are used so that you can easily and discretely handover your money to me. Now embrace your manly traits and provide to Goddess like the man you were destined to be.

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